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Smart Hot Water Seed Treatment Device


● Eliminate the use of chemically treated seed for crop production and scope to organic forming.
● Reduces the Farmers’ dependency over chemically treated seed.
● Difficulties (Mainly Temperature and Time maintenance)in manually operated hot water seed treatment will be eliminated.
● Reduces cost burden over farmers’ to purchase chemically treated seed for crop production.
● Seed germination enhancement issues.
● Land Soil life issues.


Presently in organic crop production, very few farmers are adopted hot water seed treatment with manual process i.e heating the water over stove(with not maintained defined temperature) and then pouring seeds into hot water. And then dry of seed by fan or naturally explore to nature.
Uniqueness :
● Smart hot water seed treatment device is fully automated device ,all manual activities of farmer will be done completely automatic.
● 'N'' Number of seed type can be processed in this device.
● Can operate with both DC/AC power.
● Portable and mobile device.
● Mobile or Desktop can interface to device for essay operation and data record.
Benefits are :
● Scope to farmers into organic farming.
● Potential profit in crop production.
● Enhance Productivity.
● Seed germination enhancement.
● Healthy crop and Healthier food.
● Soil and the environment is a public good.
● Economic and efficient forming.

Working –

Bill of Material
1. Normal Water Tank.
2. Pump.
3. Heater Cartridge.
4. Seed placing tray.
5. Main Water Tank.
6. Fan.
7. Temperature Sensor.
8. Waste Water Tank.
9. Pump.
10. Display.
11. PCB Board.
12. Power Supply.
Device is destroying pathogens borne both testa and inside the seed testa by using temperature hot enough to kill the organism but not quite enough to kill the seed.
As per Fig 1.
Step 1 : Auto move of normal water from normal water tank to main tank.
Step 2 : Device raises the water temperature for preheating of seed.
Step 3 : Device gives the seed place notification in display, Place seed manually.
Step 4 : Preheating of seed will be carry.
Step 5 : Device raises the temp. and maintain the time according hot water treatment requirements of type of seed.
Step 6 : Pump 2 active and dispense hot water from main tank to waste water tank.
Step 7 : Pump 1 active and dispense normal water to Main tank. And seed treat for normal water.
Step 8 : Pump 2 active again dispense normal water to Waste water Tank.
Step 9 : Fan will be active and run for seed dry.
Step 10 : Take Seed from device and use for Crop production.